Become a Spanish tutor and earn 100% of the lesson price

Bring new students to the platform using your profile link and get +20% extra from the lessons with them

How it works

Register on the LiveXP platform as a tutor.
Get 100% of the lesson price
You keep the full lesson price you set.
Get +20% extra earnings with referrals
Share your referral link on social media and get +20% on top of the lesson price with referred students.
Even more
Stay on the LiveXP and get more organic students from the platform itself and increase your income even more.
The most advanced set of tools at one place
Make the most of your teaching style using a variety of tools and instruments.
Use a built-in video-chat room for easy connection with your students.
Instant lessons
Enabling instant lessons helps attract learners who want to start lessons here and now.
Go live with our public streaming tool and promote yourself to the top of the main page.
Pre-recorded courses
Attract more students with free pre-recorded lessons, create paid courses, and increase your passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a certified teacher?
There are no requirements to be certified. All you need is a talent and your desire to share it with others
How do I get students?
LiveXP team works hard to bring to the platform as many interested in online learning people as possible.

There are several ways to get students' attention.
One of them is regular introductory streams about your lessons or courses. A fully completed profile also helps students differentiate you from other tutors.

Finally, you can share referral links to your lessons on social networks, which significantly increases your income from lessons.
How much money do I earn for each lesson?
Normally, you keep the full lesson price you set. With referred students, you get +20% on top of that. Copy your referral link and share it on social media to invite students and earn more.
Can I set my own price for a lesson?
Yes. It is totally up to you how much you charge for a full or a trial lesson.
How do I receive payment?
All that you have earned you can withdraw to your PayPal or Payoneer account once a week.
Where do the lessons take place?
You only need a computer with a webcam and microphone. The teaching process is conducted fully online using LiveXP build-in technical features.
Discover new ways to share your talents. We will grow with your help, so join us.
We think that what we are doing is making this world better.

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